Breakthrough to GLORY Ministries

Lord show us your glory!


Quotes Get up Revival -I was revived spiritually, physically, and mentally. I PRAISE THE LORD!!! Quotes
C T-Cain

Quotes "God clarified to me that I was walking in His will, which has become my will. The same peace and security and reassurance I received at the Get Up Revival, I'm still walk in it today. Just by being obedient with no second thoughts but to just go, let me know He is true to His word. He is beginning to train me for my ministry under Tammy Morgan Ministries. I thank God for that and for you. God bless". Quotes

Quotes Apostle you bring out the gifts in me; your ministry and what God has called you to do, I thank you for that! God's warrior Quotes
Prophet P.B

Quotes Tammy Morgan Ministries - Color this dark world with the beauty of Jesus Christ. Thanks and God bless! Quotes

Quotes Just left a powerful message from Apostle Tammy Morgan Revival. What a prophetic word from the Lord! Get ready Richmond she is the first of many which God is sending. Wake up and see the Lord and not man Quotes
Apostle Jimmie

Quotes I love it! Im still in amazing spirits from class last night. I feel so different inside its showing even around my family now! Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the class was and how blessed we are to have you in our lives, thank you. Quotes
Student- TMM Dove School of Ministry

Quotes I have a praise report...... thank you Apostle Tammy for praying specifically for my fathers healing in the area of his appetite and will to live......believing for Gods healing.....his appetite is almost back to normal and he has a will to live now and not just die in his hospital bed. He came home yesterday. Please continue to pray for total healing of his right foot for complete feeling to come back so he will be able to walk again. thanks again! Quotes